Tully’s coffee, Kyoto

I have never been a fan of Matcha.  I never understood how people could like it until I went to Japan during my Christmas break. I had my first Matcha drink in Kyoto at Tully’s coffee and instantly fell in love with it. My sister and I were looking for a cafe to have breakfast near the Yasaka Shrine, and we came across Tully’s coffee.


They had two new drinks on their outdoor menu board – Chocolate & Matcha Mocha and Chocolista.



The picture of the drinks looked very tempting! We ordered both drinks (Matcha & Chocolista) and a waffle with strawberry sauce, cheese mousse, and berries. The Matcha drink was sweet, rich, creamy, frothy, and soothing with a hint of bitterness – like having a cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter day.  I absolutely loved it!


We returned the next day for another round of Matcha accompanied by Ball Park Original Hot Dog.


There are many branches of Tully’s in Kyoto. I highly recommend the Chocolate & Matcha Mocha drink!

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