Nishiki market, Kyoto

Nishiki Market is a four-hundred-year-old market. It has both modern and traditional shops selling fresh seafood, vegetables, souvenirs, local sweets, pickled vegetables, popular local food and etc. The market is very clean and packed with locals and tourists. It is a great place to explore local produce and savor Kyoto specialties. It is definitely worth visiting.

One of my favorite store at the market is the Aritsugu knife shop.  They are one of the oldest and most famous knife makers in Japan.The knife selection was impressive and amazing handiwork. You can even have your initials carved onto the knife. A household kitchen knife would cost around 10,000 yen. They also sell other cutting tools such as scissors, pots, and pans. I regretted not buying a knife when I was there. I will put that on my list of things to buy on my next trip.


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