Fukiageya (Oyakodon), Osaka station

My sister and I had lunch at the Fukiageya restaurant.  Fukiageya is located on the 12th floor of the Hankyu Umeda Main Store at the Osaka station. This restaurant serves various Oyakodon (chicken and egg rice bowls) with high-quality locally bred chicken. It was stated on the menu what type of chicken they use and where it is bred, but I can’t remember the name.

We did not have much time to fully enjoy our meal as we had to catch a bus to the airport. We ordered whatever stood out for us on the menu, and below was what we ordered.

Chicken breast katsu Oyakodon set for  1,450 yen.

The chicken cutlets were fried to perfection! It was fragrant and delicious, and the inside was succulent.

I would definitely make a trip back just for those chicken cutlets 🙂

Yuki no Sakurajima Oyakodon set for 1,550 yen

This dish is also one of their famous dishes, and I can see why. I have never seen a dish quite like it – rice topped with chicken and egg white meringue.

I have to say, though, that’s a lot of eggs in one dish ..haha.


Fukiageya (permanently closed)

Tsuruhashi Koreatown

Tsuruhashi Koreatown in Osaka is the largest Koreatown in Japan. You can pretty much find anything Korean there. It was not part of my itinerary to visit this place because there are many Korean shops and restaurants in the city where I currently work (Beijing) due to the large population of Koreans working and residing there. I would prefer to explore more local places. My sister, who currently lives in Malaysia, craved Korean food. So I said I will take her there for dinner. We got to Koreatown around 6:30 pm, and many shops (except the restaurants) were already closed. It was raining, so we couldn’t really explore either. We just found a random restaurant to have dinner.  We also got to sample various Korean pickles. My favorite is kimchi, and there was a store with pretty good and spicy kimchi, so I bought some to take home.

For those unfamiliar with or enjoying Korean food, this is a good area to visit.