Tsuruhashi Koreatown, Osaka

Tsuruhashi Koreatown in Osaka is the largest Koreatown in Japan. You can pretty much find anything Korean there. It was not part of my itinerary to visit this place because there are many Korean shops and restaurants in the city where I currently work (Beijing) due to the large population of Koreans working and residing in the city. I would prefer to explore places that are more local. My sister, who currently lives in Malaysia, was craving for Korean food. So I said I will take her there for dinner. We got to the Koreatown around 6:30 pm, a lot of the shops (except the restaurants) were already closed. It was raining so we couldn’t really explore either. We just found a random restaurant to have dinner.  We also got to sample various Korean pickles. My favorite is kimchi, and there was a store that had pretty good and spicy kimchi, so I bought some to take home.

For those who are not familiar or enjoy Korean food, this is a good area to visit.

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