Camembert with grapes and saltine crackers

I used to have a strong distaste for the thought of pairing cheeses or dry-cured ham with fruits such as Camembert and grapes, Parma ham, and cantaloupe. I could not imagine how those flavors together would taste good until I had my first taste of Camembert paired with grapes and saltine crackers. I was blown away at how amazing it tasted. There could not be more perfect matrimony of flavors! The contrast of the grapes’ sweetness, the buttery saltiness flavor of the crackers, and the slight milky, creamy cheese flavor, make this pairing memorable.

Camembert is a soft, earthy, creamy cow’s milk cheese with a hint of sweetness originating from France, specifically Camembert in northern France. I personally like to have Camembert with crunchy red grapes such as the red globe or seedless flame because of its high level of sweetness and saltine crackers. Water crackers are also good.

Camembert with grapes and saltine crackers can be served as part of breakfast or as a snack.

These are my favorite saltine crackers.