Restaurant Memories

Restaurant Memories is located in LEGEND, a residential quarter in Bulduri, in a beautiful white villa. When I entered the restaurant, it felt like I was in a classy summer residence. There is a display of Bakeberry desserts showcased in the lobby (Bakeberry is a popular dessert restaurant in Riga). I love the coastal color palette used for interior decorations. The interior is bright and cozy. There is also an outside terrace.

The waiters were polite and professional. The menu had a good variety. Their breakfast menu is surprisingly available till 16:30! I ordered the baked chicken with mashed potatoes which were €13.50. The chicken was tender and juicy, lightly flavored. Unfortunately for me, the dish was not exciting.

Nonetheless, I really love the atmosphere of the restaurant. I would go back again to give the other dishes a try.

Restaurant Memories


Telephone: +371 67 869 711

Opening hours: 10:00–23:00

Address: Bulduru prospekts 17, Jūrmala, LV-2010, Latvia


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