Lunch at the magnificent Rundāle Palace

Located in the basement of Latvia's most outstanding baroque architectural monuments -The Rundāle Palace, is the Café Ozollāde. As one of the three restaurants on the premises, Café Ozollāde offers Latvian cuisine at an affordable price. It is an ideal place for a quick bite or a coffee break. The palace is situated in the village of Pilsrundāle, 12.5 … Continue reading Lunch at the magnificent Rundāle Palace

An elegant experience at The Dome Fish Restaurant

The Dome Hotel's The Dome Fish restaurant located in the old town, Riga, serves delicious fish dishes using fresh seasonal ingredients, which are prepared by chef Sergei Siporov, who was trained in Michelin-starred restaurants outside of Latvia. Most of the restaurant's fish source comes directly from small local fisheries. The restaurant is elegantly decorated with … Continue reading An elegant experience at The Dome Fish Restaurant

Rozengrāls, medieval restaurant

According to the restaurant's website, the premises were mentioned in the scripts in 1293 as the most ancient wine-vault and festival place of the Riga City Council! It is a favorite tourist spot, a lot of tourists would frequent this place to take photos. However, do not mistake this place as a tourist trap. As … Continue reading Rozengrāls, medieval restaurant

Best French Bakery in town

Cadets de Gascogne is the first French bakery in Latvia, opened by two French men. The bakery is known for its croissants which are made fresh every day and are said to serve the best croissant in town. There are six branches in Riga, and I have been to three. The menu varies from store … Continue reading Best French Bakery in town

Koon Kee Wantan Mee, childhood nostalgia

After renewing my IC at UTC, Pudu, I took a stroll down Petaling Street (Chinatown) to find a place for lunch. I passed by Koon Kee and saw that they serve Wantan Mee. Since I haven't had Wantan Mee for quite some time, I thought I give this place a try. Many would find the … Continue reading Koon Kee Wantan Mee, childhood nostalgia

Kafejnīca Vendene

This Latvian-style tavern is located at the roundabout by the Cesis Victory Monument. The interior's dim and did not feel inviting. There was only one waitress behind the counter. As I was not greeted by anyone, and there was a customer at the counter inquiring, holding a menu, I thought maybe I have to order … Continue reading Kafejnīca Vendene

Cesu Maize

  Cesu Maize is a small bakery located next to the St. John's church in the Cesis old town selling handmade traditional bread. The bread is baked from Latvian organic whole grain wheat and spelt wheat whole grain flour. Made with natural leaven (sourdough), without the addition of bread yeast (, 2018). It is a … Continue reading Cesu Maize