Located in a quiet neighborhood, in a charming house with a cozy outdoor seating area, Uzbekistana serves traditional Uzbek dishes like shashlik and pilaf. Uzbekistana’s menu offers an array of soups, salads, hot dishes, snacks, and desserts. The interior walls are decorated with Uzbek elements such as instruments, pictures, ceramic plates, and tubeteikas (Central Asian caps); the floor is covered with vivid red Uzbek carpets, bamboo ceilings, Uzbek music playing in the background, and staff dressed in traditional Uzbek clothing. When you enter the restaurant, it’s like being transported to Uzbekistan. Kudos to the owner for the beautiful decor, which gives customers a glimpse into the culture.

The waitress who served me was nice. She spoke in a friendly tone with a smile. I visited the restaurant for dinner.

I ordered a Borscht (3.95 euros) and a lamb pilaf (9.95 euros). The cream came separately with the Borscht, which was perfect as I did not want too much cream in my soup. The soup was more on the sweet side, but the natural sweetness that comes from vegetables, somewhat different from the Russian Borscht.

The pilaf was aromatic and delicious; mutton pieces tender. The rice was a bit too oily; however, the fresh tomato slices and cucumber were a great palate cleanser. Initially, I did not think much of the dish, but the more I ate, a gentle crescendo of flavors slowly unfolds in my mouth.

This is a good place for those who would like to try something different from European cuisine. I would be interested to come back to try the other dishes.





Opening hours: 12:00 p.m. – 23:00 p.m. Daily

Address: Bruņinieku iela 33, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1001, Latvia

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