Okinawa’s best onigiri

Pork Tamago onigiri is known to be the soul food of Okinawa. It is spam and egg wrapped in a rice ball. The popular restaurant located right by Makishi Market, Pork Tamago Onigiri Honten, has taken the traditional rice ball and added its own gourmet touches to it. There are different onigiri combinations, but with … Continue reading Okinawa’s best onigiri

Gourmet doughnuts

After spending half a day at the American Village in Chatan, I made my way down to a chic little doughnut shop- Ball Donut Park, located on Kokusai's side street, for a bit of afternoon treat. As the name implies, the doughnuts come in a bite-size ball shape. Moreover, the donuts are made to order. … Continue reading Gourmet doughnuts

Lip-smacking fried chicken and waffles

CC chicken N' waffles is a restaurant opened by an American who relocated to Okinawa with his Japanese wife. The establishment is located not too far from the American Village in Chatan. It is a tiny restaurant tucked away under an apartment building by the seawall along the Miyagi coast. Cody, the owner, was friendly … Continue reading Lip-smacking fried chicken and waffles


Niklāvs is situated in Rīga’s Old Town in a building that once housed the studio of a well known 20th-century Latvian painter, Niklāvs Strunke, which inspired the name of the restaurant "Niklāvs." The bright interior is enhanced with paintings of Niklāvs Strunke and of other Latvian artists. Niklāvs serves mainly traditional Latvian cuisine, including some European … Continue reading Niklāvs

A harbor of tranquility

Situated near the Gauja river in the beautiful, charming historic town of Cesis, Santa villa is a classy summer cottage-style hotel. The hotel is surrounded by lush, tranquil forests. The minimalist Nordic interior design of the building and rooms blends well with its natural surroundings. The restaurant The modern chic interior of the restaurant is … Continue reading A harbor of tranquility

Contemporary fine dining

Muusu is a fine dining restaurant located in a three-story townhouse near St. Peter’s Church serving contemporary European cuisine. The restaurant uses fresh and seasonal local ingredients. Their head chef, Kaspars Jansons, is claimed to be one of the best chefs in the city. I was escorted to a room at the back of the house. … Continue reading Contemporary fine dining

Café by Ķīšezers lake

Cabo café is located on the shores of the beautiful Ķīšezers lake. This laid-back café is open all year round with a huge terrace overlooking the lake. It is a popular surfer hangout spot in the summer. The restaurant also offers a sports academy providing classes on various water sports activities. I cycled from Riga's … Continue reading Café by Ķīšezers lake