Resto Hafen

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Resto Hafen is a charming harbor restaurant located by the Kuressaare yacht harbor. The restaurant has two floors and a summer deck with stunning views of the sea and the Kuressaare castle. The restaurant’s interior is bright and inviting. The white wood wall paneling gives the restaurant warmth and coziness.

The restaurant was located next to the hotel I was staying at, so I decided to head over there for lunch. The menu offered was limited but had an interesting mix of local, Mediterranean, and Asian-inspired dishes.  I ordered soup and pork ribs.

Seasonal puree soup (leek, cauliflower and potato puree soup with Saaremaa chives and vegetable crisps) €6

I love the bright colors of the soup. Unfortunately, the taste left much to be desired. It tasted pungent and raw, like a detox vegetable soup. I felt nauseous halfway through the soup.


Pork ribs with roasted potatoes, colorful coleslaw, salted cucumber, and homemade BBQ sauce €12

The pork ribs were dry, and the flavors were flat and dull. The only food on the plate that was enjoyable was the coleslaw.

I was disappointed that the food did not match up with the beautiful environment.


Restaurant Hafen


Opening hours:

Monday: closed
Tuesday to Thursday: 12:00 – 21:00
Friday and Saturday: 12:00 – 23:00
Sunday: 12:00 – 20.00

Telephone: +372 59 104 045

Address: Tori 4, Kuressaare Sadam, 93810, Kuressaare

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