Vanaema Juures – grandmother’s cooking

Vanaema Juures is strategically located in the old town along Rataskaevu street with many other popular restaurants. The restaurant is located in the basement with a cozy ambiance accompanied by old-fashioned decor with antique furniture reminiscent of a grandmother’s home.

There was just one waitress, and an older lady, whom I assumed was the owner or manager. The waitress was friendly and spoke good English.

The bread tasted homemade. It was soft and light with a hint of sweetness.

I ordered a smoked meat soup. The soup was hearty and heartwarming. It was perfectly seasoned. The kind of soup that grandmothers would make on a cold winter day.

I had the honey-flavored chicken fillet in parsley sauce, garlic potatoes, wild mushroom sauce, and marinated onion for the main course. The pickled onions were appetizing and refreshing for the palate. The chicken was cooked perfectly, very tender, and juicy. The mushroom sauce was light and creamy.

This is one of my eating highlights in Tallinn – simple and delicious traditional Estonian cuisine.

Smoked meat soup with potatoes 4.5€

Chicken  14€


Vanaema Juures


Opening hours: Monday -Sunday  12:00 p.m. -22:00 p.m.

Telephone: +372 6269080

Address: Rataskaevu 10/12

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