Shichifuku shokudo 七福食堂

Shichifuku Shokudo is a ten-minute walk from the Higashimuki shopping street. I found this gem on Google Maps while searching for a place to have lunch. The restaurant also has a website selling coffee beans and aprons.

This modest restaurant offers a healthy, affordable seasonal set menu at 1300 yen, along with some drinks and desserts.

I recommend making a reservation; you can email them at

The staff was pleasant and friendly. The male waiter that served us spoke English and had a gentle demeanor.

The set menu consists of scrambled eggs with shirasu (Whitebait), pickled carrot salad with goji berries and orange, pork croquettes, seafood soup, and a soybean pudding-like dessert with sweet syrup and grapes. I also ordered a lemonade and panna cotta.

The ingredients were fresh and reminded me of a homecooked meal. The scrambled eggs with shirasu were a lovely pairing. The salad had a good combination of sweetness and tanginess. The seafood soup was gorgeous, light, hearty, and packed with umami. The croquettes were juicy and delicious. The soybean pudding was interesting. It had a subtle hint of soybean, and the texture was jello-like but softer. The syrup had the right amount of sweetness.

The lemonade was refreshing with a hint of rosemary. The panna cotta was creamy, rich with a custard-like texture and a coffee liqueur syrup.

Overall, I had a lovely delectable lunch.

Shichifuku shokudo 七福食堂


Telephone: 070-1800-0789

Opening hours: Check the restaurant’s Instagram page for the latest opening hours

Address:19-19 Narukawacho, Nara, 630-8335, Japan

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