Lebanese Hummus

I have been following a Lebanese food blogger, Anthony Rahayel, on youtube, which showcases authentic and traditional Lebanese food. One restaurant that has been featured multiple times on Anthony's channel is Ghosn Breakfast. The hummus looked mouthwatering! After watching Elie Ghosn, owner of Ghosn Breakfast make hummus by hand,  I thought I would give this … Continue reading Lebanese Hummus

Fesenjan (Persian Pomegranate Chicken Stew)

I love Persian food, and Fesenjan is one of my favorite dishes. It's chicken cooked in a walnut pomegranate sauce. It's tangy and rich, the perfect accompaniment to rice! I used Durra's pomegranate molasses which to me is pretty sour. So I added sugar to mitigate the sourness. I got my Fesenjan recipe from persianmama. There … Continue reading Fesenjan (Persian Pomegranate Chicken Stew)

Peanut turnover pancake (Apam Balik)

Apam Balik is a popular Malaysian street food dessert: a sweet folded pancake filled with sugar, peanuts, and creamy sweet corn. I grew up eating this pancake; as a child, I always get my mother to buy me some when she takes me to the market. The traditional filling consists of peanuts, sugar, and cream … Continue reading Peanut turnover pancake (Apam Balik)

Garlic butter herb wreath bread

This savory bread is light, soft, buttery, and smells amazing! I found a savory pesto wreath bread recipe at domesticgothess.  I used her dough recipe and followed the baking instructions. However, instead of using a Pesto filling, I went with what I had available - butter, garlic, Italian herbs, fresh rosemary, and Parmigiano cheese. This is … Continue reading Garlic butter herb wreath bread

Baked Japanese beef curry rice with cheese

I was reminiscing about this amazing baked Japanese curry rice I had in Hakone, Japan last winter. So I thought I would take a stab at making a baked Japanese curry rice. This is my first attempt at making Japanese curry cheese-baked rice. It is an easy no-fuss dish! Below are the ingredients and steps … Continue reading Baked Japanese beef curry rice with cheese