Malaysia Boleh – Singapore

On my recent trip to Singapore, I was craving for some Cendol, and someone suggested this Malaysian restaurant, located on the 2nd floor of the Jurong Point shopping center. I thought it would be a sit-down order kind of place, but much to my surprise, one had to queue up and order from “hawker stalls”, like you would if you were in Malaysia – creative concept.


I was overwhelmed by choices. Prawn noodle is one of my favorite dishes, so I decided to order one. It was decent, but hailing from Malaysia, there are better ones back home.



Ahh … nothing like a bowl of cendol on a hot day. In terms of flavor, it wasn’t up to my standard.However, it did satisfy the cendol craving I had. What I did like about it was the shaved ice. It wasn’t coarse but felt like eating fluffy snowflakes.

The Banana Leaf Apolo – Little India, Singapore




I visited Little India when I was in Singapore 2 weeks ago. I didn’t explore the place, I was just there for Indian food. 🙂 . The restaurant I found through google search, which had relatively good reviews, was The Banana Leaf Apolo. I was skeptical at first to go in, but when I saw two foreigners enter, I followed along. I think this restaurant has two entrances. The entrance I found is in an alleyway.

I am a big fan of banana leaf. I ordered the banana leaf biryani rice set lunch. It came with 2 vegetables, chicken masala, chicken curry sauce, and papadum – It cost about 10 SGD. The food was decent, the restaurant was really clean, but the service was a little slow.I wouldn’t exactly recommend this place, as it is little India, I am sure there are better options.