Georg Ots Spa hotel restaurant

The Georg Ots Spa Hotel (GOSPA) is a stone’s throw away from the Kuressaare castle. The restaurant serves spa cuisine with fresh and locally grown ingredients in a spacious contemporary setting overlooking the harbor and castle.

The menu at GOSPA is simple yet delicious. The dishes are characteristic of the island. Vegan and vegetarian dishes are available, including gluten-free.

I ordered vegan vegetable soup and lamb pasta. I was served fresh bread with Saaremaa butter while waiting for the food. I love the big glass windows. It was a beautiful day, and I was mesmerized by the view outside.

The pasta was beautifully cooked in a rich and smooth sauce. The soup was a brightly colored delight with different red, yellow, green, white, and brown hues. It was not only healthy and hearty but also delicious with bright acidity.


Vegan Ramen: Seasonal vegetables in vegetable broth  €9
(carrots, roasted bell pepper and zucchini, parsley, snap pea, champignon, marinated red and yellow pepper, sprouts)

Lamb bolognese €12
(Casarecca pasta, Muhu minced lamb, Saaremaa smoked bacon, Rautsi Farm’s carrots, onion, garlic, basil, tomato sauce, parmesan)
Georg Ots Spa hotel
Opening hours:
Sun-Thu 12:00 p.m. – 22:00 p.m.
Fri – Sat 12:00 p.m.  – 23.00 p.m.
Mon-Fri 7:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
Sat-Sun 7:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Telephone: + 372 45 50 000
Address: Georg Ots Spa hotel ,Tori 2, Kuressaare, 93810, Saaremaa

Rataskaevu 16

Rataskaevu 16 (named after the street) is a restaurant housed in a historic building. I love the rustic feel of the interior. The historical tavern brick wall and wooden floor and furniture yet with a modern touch.

As I was waiting for my food, there was a constant flow of people entering the restaurant. Many had to be turned away, but the waitress recommended similar restaurants nearby; some even made reservations for that evening when they couldn’t get a table for lunch. I highly recommend making a reservation.

The waiters are young, friendly, and bubbly, especially the guy that served me. I ordered a strawberry raspberry lemonade, elk mushroom soup, and buckwheat noodles.

The bread was warm and soft, with a slight crust on the outer edges, not sour like the traditional dark rye bread but mildly sweet. It was the softest dark rye bread I’ve had, and I dare say the best restaurant served rye bread in the Baltics. I could just have bread for lunch.

The strawberry raspberry lemonade was like a fruity virgin mojito.

The Elk mushroom soup was rich and packed with umami. Absolutely divine! The texture of the elk meat is grainy, and the taste of the meat is a cross between pork and beef.

Buckwheat noodles was a refreshing dish with fresh salad greens and a light pumpkin puree with rye shavings.

After I paid, I told the waiter that the food was delicious and that I understand why the restaurant is so popular amongst locals and tourists. I don’t usually give tips, but I was so pleased with the entire dining experience that I had to tip!

I recommend this restaurant not just for the warm and friendly service but also for the excellent quality food.


Rataskaevu 16


Opening hours:

  • Mon-Thu 12.00-23.00, Fri-Sat 12.00-24.00, Sun 12.00-23.00

Telephone: +372 642 4025

Address: Rataskaevu 16, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia

Coffee bar at the Nordic Design Home


This coffee bar is located within the Nordic Design Home furniture shop. It is about a 15-minute walk from the old town. Both indoor and outdoor seatings are available, however, there are only four tables inside. It was raining when I visited the cafe and all four tables were occupied. Luckily, one customer left a few minutes after my arrival. I love the contemporary setting and dark color tones of the cafe. The floor-to-ceiling windows were aesthetically pleasing.

The cafe offers a variety of specialty coffee, hot sandwiches, and pastries. They also use Rocket Bean Roastery’s coffee beans which is the biggest specialty coffee roaster in Latvia.

The cappuccino was bold and full-bodied. The Reuben sandwich was superb! Sourdough bread paired with delicious melted cheese accompanied by creamy sweet dressing, sauerkraut, and corned beef. The outer crust had an amazing crunch. It’s like a grilled cheese sandwich with a punch.

The Nordic Design home coffee bar is definitely worth a trip!

Cappuccino €3

Reuben sandwich €6


Nordic Design Home


Opening hours: 

Tuesday – Friday
9:00 a.m. – 19:00 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday
10:00 a.m. – 18:00 p.m.

Telephone: +372 511 7313

Address: Maakri 25, 10144, Tallinn

Nordic island cuisine at Alexander

As the only five-star hotel outside of Tallinn, Pädaste Manor is an epitome of luxury and tranquility, with its origins dating back to the 14th century. Located at the Pädaste bay on Muhu island, this idyllic hotel is surrounded by lush forests and nature reserves, with a picturesque view of the bay from the sundeck. One highlight for me is the seawater hot tub located next to the sundeck. Is there anything more perfect than soaking in a tub out in nature with a gorgeous view of the bay?

When I entered the room, the first thing that caught my attention was the beautiful piano music playing in the background. I felt like I was transported to another world. It was welcoming and relaxing.

The rooms are fully equipped (including an iPad and PlayStation) with a wireless Sonos audio controller connected to a Bose acoustimass speaker system and furnished with tasteful furniture and opulent fabrics. The bathroom is elegantly decorated, with black and white diamond mosaic marble flooring.

I was impressed with the hotel’s thoughtful gestures for guests such as when I returned to my room after dinner, there were two chocolate chip cookies on each of the nightstands, and the bed was made ready for the evening, with the flat sheet was folded nicely and the throw pillows placed at the end of the bed.

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The kitchen has its own vegetable and herb garden, which is used in the dishes they serve. Other ingredients such as mushrooms and berries are picked from the islands’ forests; meat and seafood are sourced from local farmers.

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Dinner at Alexander

The main entrance of Alexander welcomes guests to the Chef’s Table, which is a communal table serving the Islands’ Degustation menu to large groups. The winter garden is attached to this room, which has a glass-enclosed patio overlooking the manor’s park.

During the summer, from June to August, Alexander is open only for dinner. The restaurant offers a prix-fixe menu of a 3-course Table d’Hôte menu for €74 or the 7-course Islands’ Degustation menu for €131. I opted for the 3-course menu.

I was served three types of crisps (rye, poppy seed, leek ash) with a chive dip along with sourdough bread, homemade crisps, and salted Saaremaa butter as an appetizer. Next, I ordered a homemade apple juice soda, which was refreshing and delicious. It tastes like an apple juice virgin mojito.

The dinner began with an amuse-bouche (fried quail egg, mustard seeds with spinach dip), followed by an entrée (pile perch and cucumber), then the main course (Lamb,  carrot, and chanterelles). Finally, culminating with 3 courses of desserts – sunflower seed moose, oat ice cream, and 4 assorted bite-size sweets and cake.


The quail egg was cooked perfectly with a runny yolk. The spinach was savory, and the mustard seed gave each bite a nice crunch at the end.

Entrée (Pile perch, kaffir garlic sauce, lovage ice cream, goats cheese, cucumber)

The Pile perch and cucumber was an exciting dish. I have never seen fish served with ice cream. The taste of the lovage ice cream reminds me of a herby matcha ice cream. It was smooth, with a hint of bitterness and mild sweetness. The pairing works. It was refreshing with subtle, delicious flavors. Unfortunately, I did not like the kaffir sauce. It was quite a strong, unique, and acquired taste,  which overpowers the fish’s natural flavors.

Main course (no picture)

The lamb is accompanied by chanterelles picked from the nearby forest, carrots cooked three ways (puree, pickled, stir fry), and beef sauce. The lamb was tender, smokey, and flavorful. The beef sauce was loaded with umami and paired with the carrots’ sweetness, accentuating the flavors of the lamb.


Sunflower seed mousse, white chocolate sauce, and sunflower seed dust. 

Oat ice cream, gooseberry from the forest, whipped cream, kama cookie, berry sauce covered in a white chocolate dome, and dark chocolate crumble.

Buckthorn praline, cranberry nougat, financier, and elderflower candy. 

The desserts were delicious with a delicate taste. They were not overpoweringly sweet, which I like.  Alexander’s Chef de Cuisine- Stefan Berwanger, personally served the last dessert to a few tables. I was fortunate to be one of them. He thanked the guests for coming. I told him that the food was amazing and that I had a great dining experience.

The whole dining experience took around 2 hours. It was a total seduction of courses after courses. There were many exciting pairings and tastes, and each dish incorporated distinctive and local elements typical in Estonia. The staff was exceptional! They were welcoming, attentive, and knowledgeable about the menu. The waiter in charge of my table was polite and humorous. He ensured that my dining experience was a smooth one from start to end. One of the best waiters I have encountered.




Breakfast is served at the table, British high tea style. You are served with a selection of bread and pastries, fruit salad with vinaigrette, and a three-tier serving plate with an assortment of cheeses, salted fish, and cold cuts. You have the Juniper and gouda cheese on the top tier, followed by salted Salted Saarema trout, fish salad, and baltic herring. The bottom tier is the roast beef, pork neck, and chicken liver pate. In addition to that, there is an a la carte menu with a selection of beverages, healthy and hot dishes.

The scrambled egg was cooked the way I like it – fluffy, moist, and evenly cooked. The pancake was perfect. It was fluffy, soft, and had absorbed all the syrup goodness.

Overall, I absolutely loved my stay and dining experience at the manor. A seamless blend of luxury and history. I could not have asked for better!




Opening hours: September – May: 13:00p.m. – 15:00p.m. , 19:00p.m. – 21:30p.m.

June – August : 19:00 p.m. – 21:30 p.m.

Telephone: +372 454 8800

Address: Pädaste Manor, Muhu Island, 94716 Estonia