Kishin Kitchen, an intimate culinary experience in Kyoto

  I got to know about Kishin Kitchen as I searched through google for a place to have breakfast. This place was on the list, and the reviews were positive. As my brother will be accompanying me on this trip, and it is his first trip to Japan, I thought it would be nice to … Continue reading Kishin Kitchen, an intimate culinary experience in Kyoto

Café Blue Fir Tree, Kyoto

I stumbled upon this café as I was searching for a place to have breakfast near the vicinity of my hotel. The café is located along one of the alleyways in the Gion district. They are famous for their thick, fluffy hotcakes. The interior has a rustic feel with a laid-back and cozy atmosphere. There was … Continue reading Café Blue Fir Tree, Kyoto

Zen Cafe, Kyoto

I was looking for a cafe near my hotel in the Gion district to have Japanese dessert and tea. I was browsing through Google map and this cafe caught my eye. The cafe is under the long-running confectionery shop "Kagizen Yoshimura", which was established during the Edo period. I missed the chance to try the … Continue reading Zen Cafe, Kyoto

Sukiyaki, Gion, Kyoto

After a long day strolling around Gion district, my sister and I settled down at the Doishibadukehompo (土井志ば漬本舗京都駅ポルタ店) restaurant for some sukiyaki. This restaurant has three floors. The first floor is a pickle store, selling all sorts of Japanese pickles. The second and third floor are for dining. Sukiyaki is a popular Japanese hot pot dish. … Continue reading Sukiyaki, Gion, Kyoto

Kagizen Yoshifusa, Gion, Kyoto

Kagizen Yoshifusa is a long-established sweet shop in Kyoto making Kyogashi (Kyoto sweets).  The interior is furnished with old style furniture and wood panels - very vintage.  All confectioneries are beautifully handcrafted. There is also a cafe located at the Gion branch offering a simple menu consisting of Matcha, mochi, Japanese cake, and their house … Continue reading Kagizen Yoshifusa, Gion, Kyoto