The Banana Leaf Apolo – Little India, Singapore




I visited Little India when I was in Singapore 2 weeks ago. I didn’t explore the place, I was just there for Indian food. 🙂 . The restaurant I found through google search, which had relatively good reviews, was The Banana Leaf Apolo. I was skeptical at first to go in, but when I saw two foreigners enter, I followed along. I think this restaurant has two entrances. The entrance I found is in an alleyway.

I am a big fan of banana leaf. I ordered the banana leaf biryani rice set lunch. It came with 2 vegetables, chicken masala, chicken curry sauce, and papadum – It cost about 10 SGD. The food was decent, the restaurant was really clean, but the service was a little slow.I wouldn’t exactly recommend this place, as it is little India, I am sure there are better options.



Punjabi Indian cuisine, Beijing


The Punjabi Indian restaurant serves up Indian-Pakistani cuisine. This cozy venue serves up great Indian classics such as Paneer Saag and Murgh Makhani. The restaurant is furnished with South-Asian ornaments and Indian paintings. When you enter the restaurant, there is a strong aroma of spices and incense. There are four window booths decorated with Indian fabrics. This is my go-to place for Indian food and it might just be the best in Beijing.
I am from Malaysia, and Indian food is one of the major cuisines there. Having been exposed to Indian food at a very young age, I have come to love it.  Some dishes remind me of home. They have a comprehensive menu which makes it hard to decide what to order. Nonetheless, the food here is awesome!

Plain Dosa

One of my favorite Indian dish. Indian crepe served with coconut chutney and curry. Lovely!


Paneer Saag (Spinach Cottage Cheese)

I have never been a fan of this dish, but it is a refreshing dish from all the curry dishes.


Butter Chicken and Garlic Naan

One can’t go wrong with butter chicken and naan – the pair goes well together.


Malai Tikka (creamed marinated chicken Tikka)

served with 3 different dips – jam-like sauce, bbq sauce, and a green minty sauce. It went very well with the green mint sauce. The chicken itself is a little bland.


Mixed vegetable curry

This curry was very flavorful, great for vegetarians.


Mushroom Masala

If you are a fan of button mushrooms, then this is the dish to get!


Gosht Kadhai

A very savory lamb curry.


Mutton Biryani

This rice dish is delicious! The mutton is tender and flavorful. It’s good on its own or with curry.